Zootopian Express FAQ

This is a collection of frequently asked questions about Zootopian Express train tickets that my koala staff are currently distributing to anyone who wants one.

How do I get one?!
You can obtain your own train tickets to Zootopia on the Zootopian Express via this Google form: click here to get a Zootopian Express ticket!

Do you have a example ticket for me to look at?
Yep! See below:


Why haven’t I received my ticket yet?
The form is designed to be almost fail-safe, however if there is a typo in either your email address or Twitter handle, it’s possible your train ticket might not be delivered. To maximise success, please double check what you’ve put in the form to make sure it’s correct! If you don’t receive your ticket within a few days, you can try filling in the form again or emailing the koala staff.

There are typos on my ticket!
Due to our new automated system, it’s possible there might be some errors on your ticket. We’ve made special efforts this time to ensure non-ASCII characters are rendered properly (e.g. Cyrillic, Korean, Chinese, Japanese), but it may not always work. If there’s anything you want to correct, drop the koalas an email and we’ll try to get it sorted ASAP.

Are these official?
Nope! They came into existence based on a conversation that Icy and I had about my Zootopia licenses and how they were going. He thought it would be cool if there was a spin-off to driver’s licenses for Zootopia fans (to keep the koalas busy!), and suggested a “travel pass”. For some people this means a passport, but I thought it was something closer to a train ticket, and thus the Zootopian Express was born! We conferred on the design over a couple of days, and he made the pawprint stamp that you see on the tickets.

Does Disney know that you are doing this?
Probably. I’ve tried my best to make sure they’re aware of the things I’ve been doing lately, and as far as I’m aware there are no issues with Zootopian licenses/tickets being made for fun!

Do the ticket cost anything?
Absolutely not! Although there was initially a lot of work setting up templates and automating the license/train ticket production system, it pretty much runs itself with minimal effort now. My koalas are happy to make train tickets for anyone who wants them, so feel free to share it with your friends!

You keep talking about koalas…?
Okay so actually, this is all being done with the awesomeness that is Python. I couldn’t possibly make all the licenses/tickets myself, it would take too long. So I automated the system by writing a couple of Python scripts to imitate what I had been doing by hand. These are the “koalas”. You can read more here!