Zootopia License FAQ

This is a collection of frequently asked questions about the Zootopia licenses that I and my koala staff are currently distributing to anyone who wants one.

**Why isn’t there an option to send my license via post?**
The physical licenses you see online are made by Disney in small quantities and sent to people chosen by the marketing team, as far as I can tell. I originally designed my digital Zootopia licenses to imitate these, and made them available for people so that everyone could get one if they wanted. This is all done in my spare time for free, so I don’t have the resources to send licenses to you – sorry!

If you would really like to see an official license available for purchase, I’d suggest sending feedback directly to Disney: TWDC.Corp.Communications@Disney.com

How do I get one?!
Easiest way is to fill in this Google form: click here to apply for a Zootopian license!
If you’d prefer to use a template and fill in the fields yourself, then please see my previous blog post to download the template to your computer.

Do you have a example license for me to look at?
Sure, check out the one I made for myself:

Why isn’t my picture on my delivered license?
In order to be able to quickly deliver everyone’s licenses to them, I had to write a Python script that could imitate what I did by hand much (much!) faster. I haven’t yet come up with a good scripted way of: 1) getting people’s images, and 2) cropping them automatically so that they look okay on the license. Because of that, I’m sending out licenses with the idea that you can add your photo yourself, but if you’re not sure how then I’m happy to help via email.

Why can’t I upload a picture with my application?
See above.

Why haven’t I received my license yet?
The first version of license applications had a loophole where people could accidentally not enter their email/Twitter which means I have no way of getting their license to them! The current version requires an email address, which has solved most issues. However, sometimes people enter their email address incorrectly so it doesn’t get delivered. Please check your email carefully! If you don’t get a license within a few days, then just fill in the form again and triple-check the entered email address. Same goes for Twitter. Just fill out the form again if your license doesn’t manifest promptly.

My name/birthplace/species disappeared??
Due to our new automated system, it’s possible there might be some errors on your license. In particular, our system does not always render non-ASCII characters properly by default (e.g. Cyrillic, Korean, Chinese, Japanese). If there’s anything you want to correct, drop the koalas an email and we’ll try to get it sorted ASAP.

Are these official?
Not in the slightest! I made the original template for fun in Keynote after seeing the press kit driver’s license that Disney made to promote the movie. Kind of wished I was an important journalist so I could get one too 😆 Anyway until Disney releases an official version (and I really hope they do!), I’ll keep this unofficial DMV running.

Does Disney know that you are doing this?
In theory, yes. I’ve also made it clear to those I’ve had contact with that this is only being done by me because there is no official Disney avenue to obtain Zootopia licenses. As I said above, I think an official Zootopia DMV website should be a thing!

Do the licenses cost anything?
Absolutely not! Although there was initially a lot of work setting up the template and automating the license production system, it pretty much runs itself with minimal effort now. As long as I’m running this unofficial DMV, these Zootopia licenses will always be free to those who want them. It’s been great to be a part of making someone’s day, whether the license is for them, for their kids or for their pets. Thank you very much to those who have sent kind emails/tweets about their licenses, it’s made it all worthwhile! 😊

I’m not really a mammal, but there is no option for non-mammals?
Sorry about that! It is done to keep consistency with the world of Zootopia (which is a mammal-only city as far as we’re aware). Some people put their non-mammal species of choice anyway (e.g. dragon), or you can possibly construct your own license based on the templates I released for predators and prey. 

Why is there a ZPD logo instead of a Zootopia DMV logo?
The ZPD logo is the only suitable Zootopia-themed logo I could find online, as there doesn’t seem to be a digital version of the DMV logo circulating on the internet yet. I’m hoping to acquire one sometime. The current license template does take some liberties with regards to the “official” template – this is one of them! If you want to send me a Zootopia DMV logo, that would be awesome… 💕