Koalas to the MAX!

In the spirit of yet another Zootopia-related post, I decided it would be a good idea to use my unofficial Zootopia license system to generate licenses for some friends of mine. I’m actually pretty proud that the system works so smoothly now, as you can see:

In fact, as of just now, there have been over 700 licenses processed. If we think again about how long this would have taken me had I not automated the system… well, it’s safe to say it would all be dead by now if not for the wonders of coding!

A couple of things to note about the licenses to follow: some bits of information I guessed, so feel free to tweet at me correcting them! Some are just not really well known, such as Finnick and Flash’s last names – I got a cryptic response from Byron Howard about this:

So I enlisted my partner in crime to help me come up with names for these (he’s much better at this -I cannot think of good Zootopian names to save my life, so it’s been great to see the awesome examples people have come up with through all these Zootopian licenses!). Finnick’s name is based on a tweet I found by Jared Bush:

Without further ado, here are the licenses I made!







Note: Flash expected the photo to be done by the time it was taken, seeing as he lives life in the fast lane and all. Inspired by this clever license photo!


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