Tid-tally awesome!

Okay, firstly sorry about the awful pun.

This is a belated update about the pudding’s visit to the very cool Canberra Deep Space Communication Complex (or CDSCC for short!). Right after visiting Mount Stromlo last year, and before the trek back to Sydney, the pudding was able to visit *all* of the telescopes chilling at CDSCC thanks to the heroic efforts of Shinji Horiuchi despite having just stayed up all night observing. Shinji’s research includes very long baseline interferometry and masers!


The pudding also met education and outreach officer Korinne McDonnell who had previously been following its adventures on Twitter! Korinne alongside other outreach staff at CDSCC puts together education programs and does some awesome outreach activities, so definitely drop by for a visit if you haven’t already!


Like many recent telescope videos, the CDSCC ones are coming soon! Bug me if I still haven’t uploaded them by the time you read this…


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