Late last year, the astronomers over at @TeamMopra (led by Catherine Braiding) made a bid to save the 22m Mopra radio telescope from shutting down by appealing to people around the world in the form of a Kickstarter campaign. Awesomely, they made their target and (subsidised further by a successful LIEF grant) will hopefully be able to complete various Mopra projects in the extended time that the telescope is running.

The pudding and I were backers of this campaign, and today received our backer rewards! Very exciting. The pudding was particularly pleased to see its name listed first on the #TeamMopra membership card.

The pudding was even more stoked to realise that it has made it onto the online list of backers with the noble title of Honorary Pudding in Residence:

Schweet! Wishing you guys all the best over at #TeamMopra HQ, and good luck exploring the Delta Quadrant in CO!


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