Secret pudding business: revealed!

So the secret pudding business has been completed and can now be revealed to all! A little bit later than the original couple of weeks expected… but that’s how it goes. Firstly, an intense afternoon pushing my limited drawing skills to the test produced a pudding logo – hurrah!

Next, I ordered some stickers to be printed: colour stickers (to be given out to all pudding fans everywhere) and special gold edition stickers (for those who have assisted the pudding on its travels or long-time supporters of the pudding). In the end I got these printed by the folks over at Fast Printing in Surry Hills, Sydney and I’m super pleased with the results! Both have come out as nice as I’d hoped.

It’s probably hard to see on my phone photos, but I’m very happy with the quality, especially of the gold foil stickers. It wasn’t planned, but they also happen to make pretty cool Apple-logo covers!

Although I don’t really know what the long-term plan is for these stickers, I hope to be giving them out to pudding fans whenever appropriate and I’ll be sending some gold stickers to a number of people who have assisted with the pudding’s travels so far. If you’re a pudding fan, I have a sticker for you next time we cross paths!


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