How did the pudding come to be?

Last night I had a Skype chat with two other astronomers who happened to be in Parkes at the same time that the pudding’s story first began. We talked about the pudding’s origins, and what they remembered of that fateful week in October. I’ll transcribe the chat sometime soon, and post it here!

But if we look further back, the question becomes: why does the pudding exist at all? Who came up with the idea of a toy pudding with feet but no face that shuffles around and plays Benny Hill music? Tracking down the pudding’s true origins (not just in the Parkes Woolworths in 2011, but beyond that) has been on my to-do list for a while.

Today I gave the Woolworths support line a call. I think I thoroughly confused my help desk consultant (sorry Rami!) but hopefully a ticket of some kind has been launched with the toys/merchandise department. Basically, it would be cool to know where the pudding came from – was it designed by someone here in Australia as part of the Woolworths Christmas promotions? Was it imported from overseas somewhere? Did it magically appear one day on the doorstep of a merchandising manager?

These are important questions that, one day, I hope to answer. Meanwhile, here is some video proof that I’m not the only one to find this ridiculous pudding toy fascinating (and in fact, these videos are the only other evidence of its existence I can find online so far!):


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