The end of the universe is “nigh”

When will the universe end?  It’s a question that’s been pondered by thinkers for millenia.  According to the standard model of cosmology, which encapsulates our current understanding of the evolution of the universe, the expansion of space will continue to accelerate FOREVER!

A buzzphrase related to this issue is the “HEAT DEATH OF THE UNIVERSE”, a possibility that essentially entails the whole universe becoming entirely homogeneous and boring.  The means the cessation of things happening!

Some cosmologists think that everything we know and love will one day end up falling into a black hole.  But the black holes will all very, very slowly evaporate – so the universe will become an empty, bleak soup of photons of light and nothing else.

But never fear – if this is indeed the ultimate fate of the universe, it won’t happen for approximately another


years!  (Or perhaps another similarly mind-boggling number).

In conclusion, the end of the universe is “nigh”, but only for a very unusual interpretation of “nigh”.

Guest post by Adam, Rajika and Rupert


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