Pudding meets Wombat

Today during a tour of the AITC (Advanced Instrumentation Technology Centre), the pudding was able to respectfully observe the Space Simulation Facility (S2F, or Wombat XL somehow) from behind the “No food or drink in this area” line.

The Wombat is the first/only thermal vacuum chamber in Australia, designed to put instrumentation through rigorous testing before it goes to space. The AITC also features other facilities dedicated to testing, such as clean rooms, shock testing equipments (for earthquakes or launches) and an EMC chamber for testing communications emissions.

All of these facilities are framed with the idea of both research and industry applications, as well as being part of Australia’s work towards one of the next big optical telescopes of the world: the Giant Magellan Telescope to be built in Chile by the early 2020s.


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