A few good puddings

Last week from November 3rd-6th, .Astronomy 7 was held in Australia, at the Justice & Police Museum in Sydney. This marked the first time that the conference had taken place outside of Europe or the United States, and was overall a great success! The .Astronomy series started with Rob Simpson at Oxford University with the goal of bringing together researchers, developers and educators to showcase and build web-based projects in astronomy. Since then, it’s grown massively! It’s an awesome conference that is built on unconference sessions and hacks rather than traditional talks, and is both productive and a lot of fun.

The pudding was a guest attendee of .Astronomy 7, and over the course of the hack day met and took a photo with each participant! You can find random interactive photos of the pudding with its new friends here, or check out a mosaic of all participants . The photo shown in this post is one of the official conference photos taken by Andy Green – his album of the conference is on Flickr. Kudos to Amanda Bauer, who chaired the LOC and kept us all on track for making .Astronomy 7 the success it was!


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